Friday, May 22, 2009

Just desserts...

As if constant mental replay of the poor deer's demise wasn't enough self-punishment, I started a good old-fashioned migraine yesterday that kept me out of crossfit and jiu jitsu both. I was out of meds so hoped a quick nap would sort me out... I woke an hour later still suffering.

So I brought my prescription for cafergot to the Walgreens near my house. Normally I've taken Imitrex in the past, but while on honeymoon in Thailand, I actually had a string of migraines and ran out. Pharmacies there don't carry Imitrex but they had cafergot, a caffeine-ergotamine remedy that actually worked faster. So I waited, and waited, and waited at the Walgreens... only to find out they don't carry it. They called other Walgreens and they didn't have it either. *sigh* Fortunately, after waiting 40 fruitless minutes for my doctor to call me back about calling in an Imitrex Rx, my brother-in-law saved the day by calling it in for me. Mitch picked it up and about 40 minutes later I was rescued. No upchucking either which was a plus.

Anyway, this morning I drove 20 mph out of my neighborhood just in case, and was rewarded with a glipse of my first fawn of the season. Oh, and I dropped 10 of the 13 lbs I gained since NAGA in the 3 days since getting home from Virginia. Talk about water retention, holy heck.

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