Friday, May 29, 2009

Less is more?

I've apparently been looking at jiu jitsu like playing an instrument... more practice = more improvement. If you don't see enough improvement or progress, practice more, longer, harder. My friend Tom, a personal trainer and fighter who runs this great fitness resource, frequently pushes me to train less and take more time off. I have to admit, I usually blow off his advice, because while it might apply to other people, "I'm different." Ha ha ha.

Well, I am not willing to concede completely, but I will admit that taking off some time after NAGA, and on vacation in Virginia, felt pretty damn good. And, based on a couple comments from friends I've rolled with since coming back, it has maybe smoothed out some of my rougher spots a little bit too.

Tom's explanation is that I'm not berating myself for making the same mistakes I made yesterday (because they're days or weeks in the past) and also that I'm letting my subconscious mind learn in the downtime.

I'm not sure I'm any better, but the weather has been so nice, I'm more tempted by my garden in the afternoons than I am by the mats. I know that's blasphemy! I am sure I'll go back to 3-a-days eventually (ironically, when it's too hot to garden, I'll be in an indoor, un-airconditioned space, wearing what feels like a snowsuit.) But for now, twice a day (morning and noon) is enough for me. I'll be in the yard in the afternoon.


Lynntropy said...

I gotta say it's hard to know exactly where the fine line is between too much training and not enough.
However, in March I did a CrossFit workout called Fight Gone Bad (we do it often as a benchmark) and then I went to Hawaii for 7 days. In Hawaii I relaxed and swam. I only had 2 really physical days (where I gave surfing another go). Anyway, when I returned my Fight Gone Bad score had increased about 8%. (slightly more at the original post Recovery )

Lynntropy said...

My point of that post was that maybe it's not exactly that "Less is more", but that "More is not always More". ;)

slideyfoot said...

Hilarious how twice a day is taking it easy for you: twice a WEEK counts as unusually frequent for me at the mo. ;)