Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm not burned out, I'm just lazy.

Confession time...

I like eating. I don't eat because I'm hungry (usually)-- I eat because I like the taste of whatever I'm eating. This has a pro and a con to it. It's great when I'm trying to make weight for a tournament, because I can get by with much smaller portions and "hunger" per se doesn't bug me much. (I think that's because I have the equivalent of a camel's hump aka my derriere.)

It's NOT great now, when I'm not trying to make weight, because on an emotional level, I feel like I earnedthe right to indulge in crappy food choices because I was good getting ready for NAGA. Yes, this is utterly silly, as I realize when I say it "aloud" here on the blog. (Which is why, dear reader, I'm boring you with it.)

Take today for instance. I began the morning with healthy choices-- came into work a little late to get some gardening done. Had a small bowl of non-sugary whole grain cereal with skim milk. Kinda wobbled at lunch though-- Hog Island Deli is around the corner, and I indulged in an old-fashioned Italian hoagie. That right there is all the calories I need for the day, but I bet you I'll be eating dinner too, and probably (since we're leaving on vacation tomorrow! and don't want it to be wasted!) eating dessert as well. Mmm, mmm, leftover hummingbird cake, I love you.

So what's this have to do with the title? I realized I'm eating lazy and I'm training lazy right now. If I were burned out, I wouldn't have been so eager to try this side-to-mount transition I just read on Leslie's blog, here:

"Start in side control and they put their near leg up on their other knee. Reach your down arm back around and then through the hole they made, taking their legs to the ground opposite. With your other hand, reach back to get an underhook on their near arm (else they’ll take your back later). Keep pressure on their chin with your forehead. Sprawl and walk your legs around until your top leg — the one that was closer to their head — is between their knees; drop it down there. Drop the other knee above their knee and pinch on that leg. (Note to self: and get your hand out!) They have two options: flatten out on their back, which bumps you over to mount, or roll to their stomach, which gives up their back. They probably opt for the former, especially since they may not realize that the untangling will land you in mount."

But Rhalan Gracie (Relson's son) is in town today, so I will be training tonight. If I can remember the details, I'll be trying it.

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Lynntropy said...

Hey, downtime and giving ourselves some leeway is part of the whole training cycle. Don't sweat it. You naturally tighten it all back down and get back to business. :)