Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Had a fantastic run this morning with Alan. I'll hasten to correct the impression I'm giving again-- it's still run, walk, run, but definitely more running. It felt AWESOME! More running on the "front" side and more walking on the "back" side, but we sprinted half of the last bridge across the lake, which felt wonderful! Like I was a kid again, but I was conscious of all my muscles working together, and I felt very powerful. So... I think I will run tomorrow and Friday and maybe not need to do 3x a week after all. Which means when I'm in San Diego next week for the conference, I should get up early in the A.M. and use the hotel's gym.

So next week Wed-Sat I'll be attending the AGACL (Assoc. of Gov't Attorneys in Capital Litigation) conference. Gorgeous San Diego, in a lush hotel right on the water... yay! Last year's conference was in D.C. and the speakers were amazing. I am looking forward to attending the trial track again, to keep my skills fresh. I will definitely try to get out and explore the salsa scene in the evenings, too. My friend from high school, Heather Sainsbury, lives a few hours away and she'll be coming in on Friday night to hang out with me and spend the night. Just like the sleepovers we had in high school.

I have lately been turned on to song called Otra Oportunidad by Jimmy Bosch and I was absolutely jamming to it in the car yesterday and today. Because of that song, I am newly motivated to dance more than I have been lately-- it is just too good. (And I'm getting the rear speakers in my car replaced this Saturday, they're awful and they get in the way of my jam!) It starts out very mellow, jazzy, with a distinct clave, some soft piano, maracas, and the tumbao of the congas. Then, during the chorus, a delicious little group of horns starts to wail, the various percussion instruments start filling in, and the sound becomes so rich you just can't stop your body from moving! Your shoulders, your head, your torso, your hips, knees, arms, hands... it's beyond words.

If you are at all interested in knowing how a good (GREAT!) salsa dancer (aka 'salsera') uses the various rhythms in salsa music to inspire her body, please check out You'll have to register but they won't send you anything... go to the videos link at the top of the page, then go to the 2005 Canada Congress, then click on either "Magna and Jareau" or "Magna and Friends"... have your volume up and prepare to fall in love. Magna Gopal is one of the BEST salseras in the world, her spinning and musicality is beyond compare, and she's so sweet and friendly too.

So-- between running, and rball tonight with Ben, and dinner at Hut's (2-for-1 burgers night) with friends, and my new favorite salsa song, I'm just FULL of endorphins right now!

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