Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend report.

Good weekend overall... didn't get new speakers in my car, but piddled around running a few errands here and there. Found some yummy chicken and vegetable potstickers at Sam's Club, brought those to Bastrop, and just lazed around. I poked about in the garden for a while, watering and weeding and sorting things out. We watched the first Star Wars movie and crashed pretty early. Sunday we picked up a few things at the Central Market and went home-- I made a Chinese chicken salad to fill lettuce wraps with, and we watched Star Wars episode 5. The Symphony concert was so-so-- Haley joined us, which was nice, but the music was off. A "big" string quartet, but they were playing Gershwin and Ellington and jazzy stuff that sounded too refined and "lah-ti-dah"... no real soul. Plus the "m.c." for the group kept yakking on and on, but she wasn't well-amplified, so sometimes it was tempting to tune her out.

Got up this morning and ran again. I felt plain awful at the start, like my feet were made of lead, but it got better as I went along. After I showered, I realized the toenail on my left foot was lifted up, so I cut it off completely. Now I realize it wasn't really a bruise under the nail so much as a bloodblister-- because the top where the nail was is squishy and soft, and it's like a little blood pillow. Eeww! So I covered it with a bandaid and I hope it gets hardened soon. I'm giving up racquetball this week to let it heal. I'll run in the hotel gym or wherever while in San Diego, but no lateral motion.

I'm rather frustrated with my weight these days. My pants fit a little tight, but I'm being scrupulous about counting calories. I usually eat 1000-1200 a day, and up to 1500 on Saturdays. The websites and internet information I have consulted all think my basal metabolic rate is around 1700-1800 a day, not including any exercise. I should be losing weight at least a pound a week! but Saturdays kill me... last week I was down to 133, and Saturday went up to 136! Maybe it's water. Grrrrr.

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