Friday, July 07, 2006

It's Friday!!

Hooray... though it was a short week (had Monday and Tuesday off for Independence Day) it still makes me happy to have it done with. Mitch and I both have a cold, but his is worse than mine. Summer colds are the worst! However I've always been good about taking my vitamins and eating lots of veggies so I'm sure it won't last long. Playing racquetball with my friend Ben Glazer this afternoon, and then Mitch and I will be teaching salsa class tonight at Copa. Then spend the weekend in my garden. Sunday evening is another free Austin Symphony concert in the park, and I'll be sharing my picnic dinner with Mitch, my former neighbor Traci, and my former court chief Rrachelle.

This is me and Mitch at a salsa social held at GoDance here in Austin.

This is me and Mitch, in Copa, just before or after teaching a salsa class last December.

Have a good weekend!

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