Friday, July 28, 2006


So the recent upsurge in activities for me resulted in two fat bruised toenails-- the second toe on each foot. Yesterday, the right one was so tender and puffy, I knew something needed to be done. I read several websites devoted to running or ballet, and many people suggested seeing a podiatrist to have it lanced. Mitch valiantly volunteered to heat up a needle with a candle flame and do it for free, which I vetoed.

After calling many doctors' offices, I finally found one who could see me right away. Yup-- it needed to be "poked." So the podiatrist anesthetized my toe and made a cut just under the tip of the nail and released a lot of pressure. (The right toe had a blister under the nail; the left one was a bruise under the nail and he said it was healing already, so no point in poking both, just would increase the chances for infection.) My toe was still numb at 11:30pm, some 8.5 hrs later, but I could tell it would feel much better (and this morning I was right.) I ran Town Lake without a problem (well, without problems due to the nail!) this morning. Unfortunately, last night I'd eaten 1 1/2 ears of corn on the cob as part of my dinner, so this morning my tummy was not appreciating all the jostling and joggling around. It made gurgling noises from 2 miles onwards, and I was very happy for a long drink of water at the end.

Tonight I'm playing racquetball with Jamie, whom I've never played before, so should be interesting. Running didn't bug my toe, but I'm interested to see how rball affects it. And then of course there's salsa tonight too.

Tomorrow morning I'm bringing my car to Best Buy for new rear speakers. Considering running tomorrow morning too... maybe too much of a good thing?

We'll see.

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