Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend fun

Friday was a long day but good-- had lunch with my friend Virginia. She's a defense lawyer in town but we met when we were both prosecutors for Travis County. She's extremely down to earth and not fake at all; you always know where you stand with her. She and her husband James are expecting a little girl in early November- yay! Then more racquetball with Ben. Sad little trauma on the way though-- I set a pair of shoes on top of my car while I was loading up in the morning and forgot them! Boohoo, they were really cutelittle leather sandals and I'd found them for only like $9 at TJ Maxx. I drove back along the road several times and never found them. Ahh well, that will teach me. At least racquetball was great.

Then at 6pm I met Mitch at the Umlauf Sculpture Gardens for Jeff's funeral. It was a lovely setting and people said such nice things.. but it was hot as blazes, I was probably a little dehydrated from racquetball, and after about 30-40 minutes I was getting faint and clammy. I had to put my head between my knees a few times when I started seeing stars and hearing the ocean roaring, so Mitch got me a cold soda and we left in the middle, unfortunately.

Salsa class was good, fun as usual, and then lots of people started showing up from out of town-- San Antonio mostly (Angel and Jessica among others) and Roy from Miami who just moved to Austin as well. Had more dances than usual and didn't get home until 2am.

Saturday we puttered around. Went to Marco Polo for dim sum-- the solution we've found to my picky European tastes (which don't lend themselves very well to some authentic delicacies) is for me to order off the menu. I had some mushu pork and was thoroughly satisfied (which made Mitch feel better, as usually I sit and pick at the food and eat nothing.) We went to my house in Bastrop and puttered some more. Even though it was in the high 90s/almost 100 outside, my house never got more than 84 inside (with the A/C off). I did a little weeding in the garden but nothing strenuous, mostly just laid around and read. Made some pecan brownies with toffee bits for my neighbor Lorraina who brought my garbage can in for me last weekend.

Sunday morning Mitch and I went to the Gospel Brunch at Stubbs'. A group of 7 black guys from Brenham TX were laying down some nice grooves, but the food was sad... lots of fat, lots of grease, some barbecue, and at the end of the buffet, some boxed Total cereal and a melon-pineapple fruit salad. Hmf. You'd think they'd have something a little healthier. We spent the afternoon at home reading and working, then went to Wooldridge Park for the sympony concert (after picking up some Popeye's chicken.) It was the brass quartet, a very nice sound, but the ants were ridiculous. The chicken was ok (I had the naked, no-skin chicken strips, somewhat greasy/oily but yummy spices). Went home, read, and crashed.

I still have my cold-- feel fine, but still coughing up gunk. I'll go to the doctor if I still have it Friday. I have a full plate of work this week, plus property tax protest hearing, teaching a deposition skills course to lawyers in my agency, plus a hearing on Thursday here in Austin. I better get workin'.


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