Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sore muscles!

Phew... I'm sore! The worst issue is my bruised toes... the second toe on each foot looks like it has a small blackberry for a toenail. Very painful. Not sure if I got them from dancing (foot slides forward in the jazz shoes a tad) or from running or from racquetball. However I'm not stopping any of those activities so I think the bruise will have a hard time healing.

My hamstrings and quads are sore from running... I took this morning off and think I'll just run 3x a week until I get more fit and adjusted to the motion.

My traps, lats and triceps are sore from racquetball- played a nice two hours last night with Ben, and have scheduled games for Wed with Ben, Thurs with Antonio, and Fri with Jamie. I think I'll join the UT rec sports program ($575 for the year, or $47 a month) and hope to have a consistent rball game 3-5 times a week. While I'm getting in shape I don't mind running 5x week, but I hope I can cut it back to 2-3x eventually. It's just so dang boring.

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