Sunday, March 21, 2010

Great training today...

Man-- class today was awesome!

I've been working on my guard a ton lately and Phil's been helping us plot on one of our purplebelts who has a great open guard & pass, a great halfguard pass, and seems like hardly anyone can triangle him or choke him. Most of our lessons for the last month or so have given us lots of practice on guard offense and I love it. But today was special.. Christy's been working on my flying armbar and I can't wait to try it out in competition.

Then, after class and open mat, Phil did a great BBQ. He is a skilled hunter and is always filling up our freezers with venison, wild pig, sausage, steaks, ribs and brisket. I made some traditional mustard potato salad and brought chocolate chip-pecan and oatmeal raisin cookies... but sadly ate very little. Just too keyed up to be hungry I guess. We have a houseful of guests from Houston this weekend, for the big salsa social my husband organizes, and two of our friends, Roy and Nicole, got married tonight :) Since they're big salseros, they brought their reception to the social to get their dance on!

Dinner tonight was quick and easy-- roast chicken, new potatoes, spinach salad with peppers... but I have overnight French toast (made with homemade cinnamon-raisin challah) and omelettes planned for tomorrow morning.

I'm pooped, and I have class at 9:30am, so off to bed.

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