Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Same thing, different place...

Tournament is fast approaching. Will weigh in with my full "kit" as my UK brethren and sistren call it... that is of some interest to me, since I haven't had to do this before AND I'm having some unusual water retention issues. Working on cutting out lots of sodium and drinking more green tea; working out 3 times a day; cutting calories though not as much as I'd like, because I keep occasionally brainfarting and eating stupid shit. I think I'm back on the self-sabotage track... "So what I paid the $80, so what I fail to make weight and sit on my ass scoring other peoples' matches... it's a cool tshirt, right?" That would SUCK.

Anyway my game plan is remarkably similar to two weekends ago, except that with such a short interval, it would only be remarkable if it were substantially different. I have been working more on my high-crotch single leg and the transition to a fireman's carry -- keeping my back straight and posture good; I fancy that I almost choked out a purple belt tonight who got a little sloppy and I mounted.. woo!



Liam H Wandi said...

Wow! Very nice! How did the choke almost come to happen?!

Make sure you enjoy your prep and your comp :) and keep us updated.

Georgette said...

Umm... this is why I suck at jits and learn at a glacial pace despite training 7 days a week. I am a goldfish with an 8 second memory.

I believe I either passed his halfguard and got mount, or did some kind of ugly halfass sweep and got mount, but it was a very high mount and my legs were on the outside of his arms... and I tried to ezequiel him. I had it pretty good, he gurgled a bit, but then he got his arms working again and pushed me down towards his feet-- eventually my fingers lost grip on my sleeve. Boo!