Sunday, March 21, 2010

How much fun is this??

First, many thanks to Caleb and the BJJ Fightworks Podcast for interviewing me for their show on cornering and coaching at jiu jitsu tournaments... The episode is up and can be heard here! Wooooo!

Also, I'm now officially part of Team SubMISSion! SubMISSion is dedicated to women warriors, and they make some really nice gear to support Fighting like a Girl :) I love the tshirts that represent your origins... Vanessa even made a custom one for me and my Irish roots! The nifty thing I like is that they have a lot of options for the shirt itself-- not just long or short sleeve, but also fit, fabric, and color. If you want a destroyed look, a double-layer sheer fitted, a man's longsleeve, a regular tshirt, a hoodie... they have it. They also have bags, shoes, hats and other fun stuff..

Check it out! And thanks for believing in me and putting me on Team SubMISSion!


Meerkatsu said...
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leslie said...

You did great! It was nice to finally hear your voice. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Georgette! You were awesome! Wish they gave you more time because the discussion was very good.

Georgette said...

Thanks friends :) Still amazed I was asked to do it at all. It was fun though :)