Thursday, March 04, 2010

Inspiration :)

Terere is on the path to recovery! This is great news for the BJJ world. Check out Gracie Magazine's article about his progress in rehab and Marcelo Garcia's Terere Help Fund. The article has a paypal link where you can donate to help Terere stay his last 3 months in rehab.

Then check out these:

LOL-- love this Roger v Terere fight...

This is hysterical. Terere v Werdum, Mundials six years ago...

part two..

I'm happy to hear his treatment is progressing well and I really hope he'll make his comeback. Said to be the best pound for pound grappler... kinda gives us little 'uns encouragement :)


HomeImprovementNinja said...

Yeah, he's incredible. I heard he beat Marcelo Garcia...twice.

My friend lived in Rio for 6 months and used to train at his gym. He said Terere is a super nice guy.

By the way, my friend outweighs Terere by about 30lbs and is pretty muscular with some serious jits. He said when he rolls with you, you feel like a white belt in your first class--not just outclassed, but completely helpless. Anyway, glad he is back in rehab and the jits community hasn't given up on him.

Jason said...

Good heavens! I thought they were going to wipe their hands and dance around forever.