Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gracie class 10/14

I'm incredibly hard on myself. While I was at the tournament and shortly thereafter, I was high as a kite on endorphins and adrenaline; you couldn't have pried the smile off my face with a crowbar. But once I got home and watched my footage.. and watched it again... and watched it a third time... I crashed. Part of it was fatigue.

Not fatigue from the tournament, since most of my rounds were short (I did tap early and often!) and I'm used to rolling for a longer time than 5 minutes. Tom has told me my cardio is through the roof, so at least I'm good in one area. No, the fatigue was from overcommitting the rest of the weekend. Saturday we had to bail on IHOP with the team and scoot home- shower- drop off Ivelin- and meet Jeff and Lauri for dinner. They came in town to celebrate Jeff's birthday so we met for Tex-Mex. That reminds me, I need to review the Rio Grande restaurant for yelp-- in a word, mediocre. Anyway, after dinner and the strongest margarita, plus a migraine pill, we walked around downtown, sat in a bar to watch a UFC rerun (McDonald-Maia), and people-watched from a coffeeshop. I departed early, around 12:30, and left Mitch at Antone's watching the famous Larry Harlow. Then Sunday morning I got up at the relatively late hour of 7, and spent the rest of the day feeling sleepy.

I skipped class Sunday to go to brunch with our friends. I rolled very lightly for an hour with Zade, he of the screwed-up shoulder. Monday, I skipped crossfit because Robert is on vacation. Honestly, I got into a rut of not working out. I just felt lazy, and what usually prompts me (desire to do jiu jitsu) wasn't working because I felt ashamed of how everything I'd been taught seemed to flit out of my head during the tournament.

But yesterday I did drag my butt over to the academy for the evening class and I'm glad. Christy was teaching, there was no conditioning, and we hopped right into technique. Then during the womens' class, I drilled with Brandy, and we worked sweeps 1-3, two standard guard passes (knee through, and dump) and then a little bit of the triangle.

Watching my footage is painful, but I need to spend some serious time on it and take notes. When Mitch gets it sufficiently compressed to put up here, I will do both, and I'll make it a learning exercise. Last night I showed a little to the gals in my class, and I see myself holding someone in my guard and I even have tricep and head control!! So why I sat there and didn't armbar/triangle him, I don't know.

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