Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday 10/2

Today I rolled with Robert. Since he always asks me to end rolls with something new and exotic, I looked around on the internet and was prepared with the Anaconda. Alas, given the size of his neck and shoulders, this was not the best choice for me. And, ironically, he tapped me out with that move himself about 2/3 of the way through. As always, I am woeful victim of the triangle and armbar. I need to do a better job of countering. I did several times get free after stacking him, and converted to either side or north-south, but didn't tap him. I did submit him twice, can you guess? Yep-- the Americana from side, and once a pseudo-Americana, pseudo-straight arm bar on the same side of his body as mine, from side... he called it "some really made up sh*t" because I was on his right side, kneeling my L knee on his R wrist, controlling his R hip with my R knee, levering his R elbow up with my L arm and pinning his throat with my R elbow.

Anyway, leaving in a bit to head to my class at the Gracie school. :)

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