Saturday, October 04, 2008

Rolling, Fri 10/3 and Sat 10/4

I got to work with Scott, the purple belt, on some extra stuff for me. I am so lucky to meet people who love jiu jitsu and are willing to show me what they know!

We spent some time practicing pulling the guard against varying degrees of resistance. He showed me how to sprawl and what do to if someone pulls guard on me. How to knock someone down if you get their leg. I learned the best defense to a guillotine (lay your inside arm over their shoulder and down their back) and we also worked a bit on what he called "my series" from guard. That would be a kimura, guillotine, bump sweep in any order. We worked on my sidemount escape and a tiny bit of scissor sweep work as well. What else? Oh yes, how not to give up the back from any position (don't allow your arm to be crossed in front of your centerline, and when overhooking, you have to block their humerus, not ride up on their shoulder/collarbone.) How to escape hooks-in when they have your back, how to pin their leg down and turn into them, and how to escape turtle position if they're too far forward.. but at the moment I can't recall that part! And what he'd be likely to shout from "my corner" during a match-- "do your series" "work the angles" "breathe" and so on... I can't wait!

I also met Christy for my private. It was productive and helpful. I wanted to work on how to defend takedowns and how to do them, but we didn't have time... worked on guard passing, triangles, arm bars, and different grips for no gi. There's the standard wrist control, "gooseneck" over the neck or the collarbone, the tricep grab (cupping with monkey paw)...

I need to remember the order Christy taught for the triangle-- a little different emphasis than Scott's explanation, and ironically it was my first triangle with my left leg bent instead of the right.

Double wrist control, then cup the back of her R tricep with my R hand and pull forward, abandon her L arm. Cup her L collarbone/trap with my L hand, pinning her R forearm across my belly with my L elbow, while I angle my back so its perpendicular in front of her knees and pin my R leg down across the back of her neck (not her shoulder!) then, while flexing the R foot, clamp the L knee over it. Pinch knees together, curl heels straight down to the floor. By this point, consistently I was tight enough that I didn't have to arch my back, pull her head, nothin'. It was a revelation and even Christy laughed to see the sparkle in my eyes. Can't wait for Monday to try it on someone!

Which reminds me, helped Robert teach a great ladies' self-defense seminar at the gym after my private, and it was really empowering and enjoyable to share some tools they'll hopefully never have to use. And I am wondering how Tom's doing at NAGA in Vegas... just sent him a text.

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