Monday, October 27, 2008

Rolling with Chris 10/27

Rolling with Chris requires a very different strategy from anything I use with anyone else. I can't really take him down. Playing from my back is almost a non sequitur: I can't close my guard around his waist much less get a high guard, he can power out of every submission I know how to do, and today I discovered what happens when you try to triangle or armbar him from the guard... he picked me up (with a triangle locked in!) He had excellent control, so I don't get scared, but if he wanted to, he could have slammed me.

I see myself continually coming back to the same attacks with him. From side mount/mount, I go for americanas and armbars. I did make efforts to get a choke-- but couldn't get the popover one, and he effectively blocked my elbows so no collar chokes. He schooled me with armbars and a couple RNCs (though I didn't tap to those.)

I need to find some other approach. He always begins our matches in open guard and is so strong... there has to be another way :)

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Elyse said...

Stand up then use your speed to do a standing pass :) Control his ankles by lifting them straight up from under the heals.