Thursday, October 02, 2008

Gracie class 10/2

Just finished class #2 at the Gracie school. I am amazed, astonished, delighted, and even more freaking addicted than ever-- I am learning SO MUCH and it's been wonderful! Tonight was just the regular class.. we learned/drilled sidemount escapes back to guard, to the back, and to a shin sweep... then a scissor sweep, push sweep, elevator sweep series... and a sit-up sweep they called the whitebelt killer, all from full guard. Drilled with a few nice guys-- Jordan, Steven, Brian, and Scott. Also saw Christy and will be scheduling a private with her this weekend.

When class was over it shifted to open mat, and a purple belt, Scott, took me under his wing. As soon as I told him how long I've been training and that I have my first tournament next weekend, he was on a mission to brain dump, and I learned how to pull guard from the clinch... he showed me a kimura-guillotine combination... I finally learned how to do a triangle the easy way even for my stubby little legs... learned 3 triangle defenses (swim the free arm in between their legs and frame down against their femur; a stack-and-step-over-their-head one that ends up flipping them upside down on their stomach, and then one where you brace their bent leg against the ground and posture up out of it into side control)... polished my arm bar from guard and learned a better armbar counter.. all in 20 minutes... then I mentioned that Tom, my rolling buddy, is going to NAGA this weekend and I was predicting he would bail on cornering me for my tournament, so this purple belt said he'd do it :) How nice people can be! And how fun to find people who share your passions!

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