Thursday, October 09, 2008


Not sure... but in an abundance of caution, I took today off too. Of course, I did roll extremely lightly with Maggie, and took my noon crossfit class.. but nothing else. First it was Chris commenting that he'd never seen me yawn before, and giving me a little guff about training during the two days leading up to a tournament.. then it was me getting snoozy at work after lunch... so instead of my Gracie class I just came home and played hooky. Ate a yummy dinner, baked a batch of cookies just because (shortbread with chocolate chips!) and now, really, I will finish editing the video of my private with Christy from last Saturday. I need to get my DVDs burned and ship them out to Michael, my mentor in SF.

Tomorrow though I am rolling, for sure, with Tom, who wants to work on my guard when someone is standing up in it, and I want to work on my sidemount escapes. Maggie's going to come, but her lower back has been acting up so I don't know how much work she'll get in. I might do an hour of open mat at Gracie in the evening, too. I'm not even teaching salsa tomorrow night, since I have to get up at the a$$-crack of dawn on Saturday.

I liked this video of Marcelo Garcia v. Mike Van Arsdale at Abu Dhabi 2003. Like I told some friends, it gives hope to us little 'uns.

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