Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday 10/6, and ...

On other fronts, tried a new sushi place tonight with Mitch. They are closer to our house by a long shot and cheaper too, but the selection was more narrow. In the end, we had 2 bowls of miso, 14 pieces of nigiri (sake, maguro, and albacore), and 3 rolls (tuna, salmon and salmon skin) plus tea for $29. Not bad.

Went to the doctor today to see about this cough I've had for a week. He prescribed antibiotics and I also picked up some 12-hour cough suppressant at the drugstore. It would be nice to sleep for more than 5 hours in a stretch.

Back to the jits: rolled with Tom today. I was disappointed, I feel like I'm being soft, slow, and was quicker to give up. My takedowns of course need work, as do my triangles/armbars from guard. I get halfway to doing it in a roll, but get all confuddled because in an one you're attacking the "back" or "bottom" arm and in the other you're attacking the "top" or "close" arm, and my hip movement was all wrong. I coerced Mitch into agreeing to let me drill my armbars and triangles on him for a while tonight on the premise that we all must sacrifice something :)

Tom keeps telling me I'm getting better, today the comment was my lateral movement is better, but I'm not convinced. I noticed again the extremely disturbing trend of me giving up when my breath is pushed out of me. I'm still challenged when passing his open guard and even cracked my eye a good one on his knee (voila, my first black eye. It isn't much to look at, just a little mouse and some purple, but I'm ridiculously proud.) And at the very very end, I tweaked my right elbow again DAMMIT and ended up tapping because it hurt, though it was completely unrelated to what he was doing at the time.

I skipped rolling with Robert after class, because of the elbow and the mouse. But tomorrow at Gracie I have class at 6a and again class 5-9pm. I am hopeful that Scott will come through about helping me at this round robin thing.

So here's two shots of my eye... camera phone, low quality, poor lighting.. the only visible part is the red corner, but it doesn't look a whole lot worse in real life. Better luck next time! :)


slideyfoot said...

Speaking of non-jitsu things: my gf and I should be heading to our first salsa class next week, so any tips for a beginner? ;)

Georgette said...

That's great! You'll have fun. When you're dancing properly, it's easy, it's all biomechanics. Email me at georgette at austinsalsa dot com and I'll give you some hints :)