Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday afternoon/evening 10/7

It's officially a small bit of purple around my eye.

Rolled two hours with Robert after work, he let me sub him three times! The standard Americana from side; an armbar from mount, and some freaking whacko neck crank thing, my legs were figure-foured around his head, he was on his back, I was in pseudo-side control, and I was trying to make something happen with his far arm. I was surprised when he tapped, because I thought the head control was just that. Probably classic "whitebelt squeeze on whatever's handy" thing.

Then went to the Gracie school.. at 6pm, an hour after class starts, I caught the last 250 crunches, ugh. It was takedown day apparently. Class was taught by an older black belt named Giberson. We started with a variety of paired drills, from turtle to seated "after double leg takedown" to knees to feet, and worked some judo-esque trips and throws. Poor blue belt that got stuck with me, as I was learning how to do a whizzer, I grazed him in the eye.... I hate not knowing what I'm doing.

Then at 7:30 the womens' class started... we worked on escaping back mount when their hooks are in. I got to drill and later spar with Amber which was good-- she's tough, my size, and has more experience than me. She's got the edge in terms of consistent Gracie curriculum. She won't do the tournament this weekend though. Then we did a "round robin" with Shama, 2 min rounds, and of course I felt tooled by Shama. Unfortunately, at one point when I was mounted on her, she bucked me and sat up at the same time, so we totally bonked heads in a really shocking and unpleasant manner.

Got home about 9:30 and ate some yummy lasagna. Tomorrow is Hut's for the two-for-one burger night :)

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