Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday morning 10/7

Did the 6am class at Gracie this morning. After a nice warmup and stretch session, we worked on takedowns. Double-leg with two finishes, a trip and the fireman carry, then single-leg with two finishes, the dump and the hip throw, then a single-leg conversion to double-leg, and finally, the sprawl (which I totally suck at.) Turns out my partner Nick is the uke for the big guy who Tom trains on T/Th at 1pm... he was like aren't you the redhead at Castle Hill who rolls with the big black guy? LOL.

I had to bail at 7:40 to shower and head to work... whoa, their shower needs help. Not just that it looked a little grimy, which I can tolerate, but they don't have a drain in the area where you drip off, so I know water is getting into the building structure and that ain't good. The "bath mat" with little plastic fingers or bumps was squishy with water, there were no hooks for clothes, and I forgot to bring a towel. Eewww all over. Next time, along with a towel, I'm bringing a spray bottle of bleach-water, flipflops, and maybe a towel bar with a screwdriver.

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