Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No man is an island...

I know, I want to post about cornering and hear your thoughts on that. And I want to tell you about my training the last few days, my reflections on competition, and my thoughts about the Texas International Open IBJJF tournament coming up on March 6th, for which I just registered. But I'm running late to crossfit, and was just reading a tiny bit of a blog... when this jumped out at me.

"While I am an avowed romantic who firmly believes that no man is an island, I also find myself thinking more and more at this age that perhaps the ideal goal of a relationship between two people isn't a merging of two individuals. On the contrary, maybe the healthiest long-term relationships accept that, even between the closest people, infinite distances exist and the key to happiness is to not only wholly love someone but also to be comfortable with the great expanse that inherently lies between you."

So-- you can read it in its original context on MetroDad's blog... and then tell me what you think.

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