Wednesday, February 10, 2010


OK, lots to ramble about. First it was damn cold today. Hailing even-- or big sleet, one of the two. Second, I have thus far kept my promise to do my crossfit class every day at noon. (I did skip jits this morning, had a sore throat and went to bed late so thought getting a couple extra hours of sleep was worth it... however I did go to class tonight..) Third, after rolling with a friend I was complimented on being "like an anaconda" (big, big grin).. I don't think I'm as threatening as a snake, but she did say that when she exhaled I got even tighter so that was nice! And and and! when I got side control on my buddy in class tonight so he could work his techniques, he said I was heavier than lots of guys he knew.

Now if that ain't a kick in the pants-- when a girl is delighted to be called "heavier" than most guys :)

I did pop a nosebleed tonight while rolling with one of the slightly spazzier newish guys but it wasn't really his fault *and* I accidentally knee'd poor Shama in the face while trying to pass her damn guard so I'm sure I karmically deserved it.

I have no idea if I'm dropping weight. I really need to monitor that. Damn people in the office with their twizzlers, too. Tomorrow's another 3-fer so hopefully that punts 2 or 3 pounds.

I really enjoy Atlanta Alliance's blog. I don't often have time to watch their technique videos but check this one out. . . it's labeled a counter to that night's technique, and I believe the pre-counter technique is right at the start. Looks like when you're on the bottom of side control or maybe halfguard (they're facing your feet, and maybe wrapping up your hips?) you can upwrap the top side of their gi and use that leverage to take their back? So then the rest is the counter, involving threading their near leg with your arm and torquing them over; I think it's something similar to baiting them to unlock halfguard by making them think they can sweep you and then you strip your leg and take side... anyhoo interesting..

What do you think about this ouchi gari?

Here's a short little Mario Sperry takedown...

p.s. I totally need to pick 3-4 takedowns and drill the shit out of them for the next week and a half. Or I could just be intransigent and make all the chicas pull guard so they get no points and I get pass points. I'm just saying.


slideyfoot said...

Cool - don't think I've seen the Alliance blog before, and it looks huge. :)

Anonymous said...

I like using Ouchi gari. It is a very solid takedown, especially in no gi because I can use it if I have double over-wraps or if they have over-wraps on me.


I don't know how often you use foot sweeps (I like Ashi Harai) but as a former Judoka I am able to get my fellow BJJ practitioners all of the time because they have a tendency to lean forward a lot and pay little attention to their foot placement. It only takes a little bit of energy, my opponents don't know what hit them and usually I land in side control when I get the sweep.

It's quick to learn but never gets old.

vidush said...

the technique they are countering in the alliance blog is amazing, your getting your half guard past and then you take the back when the weight shifts.

Georgette said...

I think the Alliance blog is astounding. There are many who think that certain techniques should not "get out" except for in tournament matches... that preserving an element of surprise is important for maintaining a competitive edge.

I agree, when it's something big (like when everyone was concocting counters to the 50/50 guard) before a big tournament.

On the other hand, outside of that, I kind of tend to think that a rising tide lifts all boats (to steal an economics concept) and that if you get better at "my" techniques, it will force me to get even better, or develop new twists. I'm no computer person, but seems like open source code, you know?


slideyfoot said...

I've always thought the 'arms race' mentality is rather silly, so great to see Alliance being so open with its teaching. After all, everybody knows Roger Gracie's plan in a fight, and he seems to do just fine. ;)

However, I've not actually managed to get any of the Alliance videos to work yet, which is strange. Could just be my connection.