Friday, October 02, 2009

Great deal on Gameness gis, fight shorts etc..

This from judo Olympian Dan McCormick....

My Gameness site is Live!

If you are even thinking about buying a new Gi, Rashguard, or Fight Shorts, go to and the first 100 buyers will have access to the lowest priced Gameness stuff anywhere online and also get a copy of my course, Takedowns for BJJ.

Single weave Gi's are only $80,

Pearl weave Gi's - which have a thicker cotton than single weave and a rubber collar - their best seller, are only $110 in white

Platinum Gi's are only $120 in white - these Gi's are so strong, they will last a lifetime.

Fight Shorts are an unthinkable $33 ea.

Rashguards are only $28

As I mentioned Supply is very limited and the first 100 to spend $50 will get a free copy of my course, Takedowns for BJJ

****** Credit Cards are accepted ********

My payment processor is Paypal, but if you don't have a Paypal account, choose
"Pay with Paypal" anyway, and there is a link to use your credit card.



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