Thursday, October 01, 2009

Gotcha? Yes you do.

Jits this morning was frustrating-- a couple "almost hads" that I didn't follow through on--and somewhat painful when a friend enthusiastically went for a popover choke but ended up bloodying my nose. Work was crazy busy, as usual these days, and then before night class I toodled around the Whole Foods mothership. Seckel pears and walnut fudge, mmmm mmmm.

Thanks to Mike in California, I'm looking at this introduction to grip fighting for judo and working on my foot sweeps and such. Not even trying to land a seoi nage yet but it's in my head at least.

And yes... fantastic lightning storms, thunder and rain tonight. Watching "The Thomas Crown Affair." Thinking about the weekend ahead... Friday night, dinner out and then teaching salsa. Saturday, breakfast with a girlfriend, jits in the afternoon, and two of our guys have cage fights in San Antonio Saturday night. That means Mitch and I'll drive up and back, and have dinner with the brethren from the San Antonio academy. Sunday, more jiu jitsu, then I'll be dyeing a gi for a friend in Florida and one for myself.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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Steve said...

Sounds like good times. I'm going to be dying another gi here soon, too. I think pewter for the next one. I'll post pics.