Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two points make a line...

I'm so used to playing 'hedgehog fleeing tiger' that successfully submitting a fully-resisting adult male (whitebelt or no) creates unremitting and unbounded joy these days. But I better watch it, if I keep getting all excited and crowing and so on, people will think I'm stuck up, or just plain mediocre. So I will try to keep this to a bare minimum, and don't think I am unaware that tomorrow I will probably suck, or that today I sucked too.

I tapped some people out today! More than once! Each! and I didn't get tapped at nearly the rate I used to! In fact didn't get tapped at all in the morning class; only rolled with one of my friends at lunch and it was exciting, dynamic, and very very defensive for me. I am still seeing armbars left and right, up and down. I am still getting headplanted into the mat when people try to escape them. I still get swept and reversed all the time, but at least today I was always game and ready for more.

Had a lovely afternoon in this gorgeous weather. Really, really, really looking forward to my Halloween weekend trip.


Mark said...

Courage doesn't roar. Sometimes Courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying "I will try again tomorrow." ~ Unknown

leslie said...

I think that line is between "I did something right and it worked! I might not be a total screw-up after all!" and "Haha, I tapped you, I'm better than you." Joy at doing it right for yourself vs joy of someone else failing.

I'm usually just so stoked that I actually did something right. (And then later, if I'm completely bummed, I go back and read it and think, "Oh, okay, I haven't always just failed. So, I'll try it again next time.")

Anonymous said...

I've been having a similar problem with losing the armbar, but tonight we went over many different things you can get from the same position. You can take the back, get an omoplata many different ways, go to s-mount, etc. Just posted it on my blog.

Georgette said...

Hey Corney-- nice to meet another female BJJ-blogger! Post a comment here with your email; I won't publish it but would be nice to chat.



Unknown said...

Hey georgette,
I'm new to the jui jitsu forum and someone there said that You might have some tips for dying a Gi. I have a 6 year old daughter that would really like to have a pink Gi. but I just can't justify paying $160 for an Atama Kira Gracie that she will out-grow in 6 months.

Any advice would be great. You can reach me through juijitsuforum. My user name is jitsdad.

Georgette said...

Eric-- I am not familiar with jiujitsuforum... can you please post the link? Thanks! Alternatively you can read through some of my prior posts regarding dyeing gis. The short answer is -- get their Procion MX dye and all the recommended chemicals. Or you can send me the gi and I'll be happy to dye it for you, at cost. :)

Unknown said...

I'll see if I can do it myself. I just found this furum myself and so far it seems pretty cool. Check it out if you get a chance. Here is the link,

Thanks for the info

Jason said...

Thank you, Georgette for the "Whitebelt" name. That was funny.


Liam H Wandi said...

Hi Georgette,

Just wanted to say that you've got such an awesome laidback writing style.

I think it was in one of Bravo's books where he says he hardly ever goes for armbars from guard with bigger people anymore. He uses the control the position gives and sweeps to spiderweb :)

Georgette said...

Thanks Liam :)

I'm at a pretty traditional Gracie school, but that doesn't mean I'm uninterested in 10th PJJ. I have his books/DVDs so perhaps I'll look into the spiderweb thing. I admit I kind of get overwhelmed with the volume and variety of techniques out there; it takes a specific reference like yours to give me a little direction.