Saturday, October 03, 2009


OK-- that was a very happy, satisfied, replete sigh.. which fairly quickly shaded into something a little more wistful.

The happiness comes from anticipation, some nervousness, a little performance anxiety, vigorous physical activity, strenuous effort, muscle tension, excitement, and a rush of endorphins that would knock your socks off. Knocked mine off anyway. Elevated heart rate, trembling muscles, dry mouth, heavy breathing, blissful lassitude, the works.

It shaded into wistfulness about 10 minutes after the endorphins diminished. Wish I could have done better.. been in a better position, transitioned more smoothly, been more graceful, more effective... grateful that they played with me, but was it helpful for them too? was this mercy? did I measure up? when can I go again? how can I improve?

Sound familiar?

Oh, yeah... that's open mat.

Dinner tonight was at El Mercado with some friends-- both from jiu jitsu, both also from salsa. Ate foodies that were quite naughty but soooo tasty, then taught salsa at Copa. Good class, some interesting personalities... a hot French girl complete with accent, skinny jeans, and funky heels (who alas couldn't dance much)... the very anxious older man who did surprisingly well.. the suave Indian guy who was so soft with his leads.. one of our purple belts who's trained in Brazil... salsa like jiu jitsu brings together so many different kinds of people, it's awesome.

Now I'm home and hoping that this file transfer (of some yummy lounge music... Samantha James' album Rise) happens quickly so I can fall asleep to it on my ipod. Here's the video to her song Angel Love... yeah, it's light, fluffy, pop-y stuff, but it's sexy and cute.

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