Sunday, October 18, 2009

Progress today...

Poor Richard was feeling sort of food poisoning-ish so he surprised a purple belt, new to our academy, with the honor of teaching class today. Oy! And Mark was well up to the task. Learned a little trick to doing an americana from side that tightens everything up and makes finishing much much easier (though I still don't find it easy to get them to pass their arm across your face..)

Also a bicep splicer from guard-- L hand on their pants knee, R hand on sleeve cuff, L foot on their hip, R foot then circles from under their forearm, outside their elbow, over top of their bicep and tucks R instep behind their armpit... then L foot leaves hip and crosses L shin across their hips with knee pointing to your L... this permits them to pass their body to your L. Once they're there, you flare your R knee outward, keeping their L arm folded around your leg, and your hands cup their tricep. Knee out, hips bridging up and tricep pulled towards your chest makes them tap pretty quick.

Rolled with Mark and enjoyed it tremendously-- tough guard to pass, but he generously allowed me to work to the top as well, and I caught an armbar from side-- he stacked me and I tried to rotate through to go belly down, but as usual got stuck on my head. He helped me finally understand where to curve my neck and where to aim my head so that doesn't happen-- then in order to save his arm, he has to follow me by somersaulting- but I still end up with a useable bellydown armbar. It was fun :)

Rolled with Jason as well, who truly seems more bluebelt than I do. Very technical, smaller guy (maybe my exact weight) and very thoughtful/analytical. He says he'll be training regularly so I look forward to matching wits with him often.

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