Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pet peeves.

I'm waiting for the wash to finish-- so I can post a whole series of pics related to dyeing my friend John's gi-- and poking around on the net, reading.

I just wanted rant for a moment about punctuation and grammar. It's obvious most people don't care because they shamefully abuse those standards of common decency with their writing. I recognize I'm probably one of the only anal-retentive editor-types in the BJJ world, and if you want to skip this post, by all means do it, and don't bitch at me for being anal, that's just how I roll.

DON'T use apostrophes to pluralize! When you speak of more than one athlete, they are athletes, NOT athlete's.

DON'T use apostrophes to make pronouns possessive! When you write that this book belongs to "you", say this book is yours, NOT this book is your's. Likewise, if talking about something belonging to it, like, oh, I don't know... the dog's foot is dirty... say "its foot is dirty" (the foot belongs to it)... which is closely related to another pet peeve... if you say "It's" you are using a contraction of "it is." You can correctly say "It's dirty" only if you would also say "It is dirty."


See, this is what happens when I only get to train once in a day.


Jana said...

Hi! (Elyse/Gringa BJJ recommended I contact you)
I need some advice! I'm about 5'1, 98-100 lbs and dying for a better fitting gi. I have 2 adidas gi's that don't fit me well at all. I'm really small all over so I'm wondering if I should just get a kid's gi. How do they fit?
I'm considering the keiko with the pink trim or a vulkan.


Georgette said...

Hi Jana!

I'd recommend either a Keiko Raca kids' gi (get the special edition one, white w/pink, and not the regular kids' ones... it's made of sturdier fabric) in M4 or M3, or an Atama female-fit in F1 or F2. They make the Mundial #9 in a female cut now, if you're not into pink on the gi, but they also have a "regular" Atama gi in the female sizing.

I am 5'2" 125ish and the M4 fits me fine... it might be a teensy bit baggier on you, but length-wise we're alike so you'd probably like it as well. I kind of think the M3 might be a little too short.

Welcome to BJJ!!!!!

Viro said...

Grammar and punctuation problems? This looks like a job for Bob the Angry Flower!

Anonymous said...

I'm anal about capitalization and paragraphs. I hate how some people write in unreadable chunks of text.
They might have something valuable to say, but it hurts my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm with you, and I might be even more anal-retentive over writing skills. (Wait, that might not be a good thing to admit...) There was that whole English major and jobs as a technical writer & editor...

I've thought about writing a "How to write a BJJ Blog" page, with punctuation/grammar front and center. Typos happen, sure, and I forgive them (while marking them with my mental red pen), but sometimes my brain a-splodes...