Monday, October 19, 2009

Today, my delight knows no bounds.

OK-- preface: did lots wrong on the mats today. No question. The following is not a "break my arm patting myself on the back" episode. I'll just list what I did right and hop up and down for a little bit.. then back to normal self-abnegation.

- At lunch open mat, felt a nice solid flow going and surprised myself with transitioning well from one attack to the next. Managed to lock in an armbar on my friend, a 2 stripe blue, though I failed to fully execute the techniques Phil just showed me on Friday in order to finish. However, to my delight, shortly thereafter my friend told me if I'd been a guy I would have finished him, that my technique was right on the money. Yay. (Sorry for the split infinitive there..)

[then I followed up with an americana from side, which I felt was resisted only by superior strength, and then undid all my hard work by basically inserting head and arm between his legs for a facing-feet triangle. Sigh.]

- Tonight after class, I rolled with my best training partner (same size, female, also a blue) and I feel like I did well-to-okay when I was on top-- kept going for submissions, decent control, sometimes failed to move on quickly enough, but felt pretty good especially in defending her attacks from guard.

[then, when I was on the bottom, woe was me, I was a couch, a chaise longue for her relaxation. Fortuntely she wasn't throwing any submissions though. Dammit I need to work on escapes.]

- Also after class, whilst rolling with another friend I'll call S___.... I triangled him to almost-sleep! I shouldn't have let go but I thought it wasn't going to work... when I let go, he blinked a few times and couldn't remember the last few seconds :) I ROCK.

[before and after I was tooled, tossed around like a hackysack, smushed, smothered, twistered, mounted and generally manhandled, but he's a nice guy so it wasn't too bad.]

Prance, prance, prance. And now, sleep sleep sleep-- got class at 6am!

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