Sunday, October 11, 2009

My weekend..

It's been a nice weekend so far. On the plus side, the weather has been delightfully chilly, grey, and autumn-y. Spent some time this morning taking winter clothes out of the guest room closet and rummaging around in my sweater collection. This, of course, means that we'll be returning to hot weather any moment now.

Spent yesterday doing (of course) jiu jitsu-related things and hanging out with friends. Shipped out a gi and a custom back patch to Chris at Happy Kimonos to get tiedyed. The patch came from NHB Gear and should look pretty sweet with the tiedye... they hunted around to find the exact font I wanted and I will post photos as soon as I get it back. Hope to have it in time for the next tournament, which I believe I will do on November 7.

Jits was fun-- Phil brought in a new wrestling mat which effectively added about 1/3 more mat space, and class focused on attacks from top half guard. Learned a nifty shoulderlock from that position, when your opponent reaches up for a cross-collar lapel grip, and since it was a Coach Giberson class, we had plenty of positional sparring time. Got to roll afterwards with Marc and Lawrence (who has a VERY tight and controlled game especially considering how little time he's been training... nice transitions from side to N/S to side.. yikes, scary good.) Then I drained two cauli ears for friends and had to leave without being Ahmed's chewtoy.

Went to Anthony's and let his dogs out (he was in San Antonio for the WEC fights). Met a girlfriend at a cafe for tea and some girl time, and then later Mitch, our friend Tariq and I went to her house to watch the WEC. No fight spoilers but I will say my favorite fight was Cerrone v. Henderson... one of them has rubber joints!

Today is a little more domesticated... jits, of course, at which I will hopefully burn off some of the pizza and snackies from last night [insert sad face here.] My stomach is NOT used to eating fatty greasy bad-for-me food and it's not happy. I'll be taming some of the chaos I have created around the house [insert saintly yet impatient husband face here] by folding laundry, putting away clothes etc. And cooking-- it's a big cooking day. Chicken umbriago... spaghetti sauce with Italian sausage.. sour milk spice cake (sounds bad, is not) and apple cake (gotta use up that bowl of slightly-wrinkled apples) and maybe a pumpkin gingerbread. And clean out the fridge.

Next weekend we have a houseguest, a lawyer friend in town to take the State Bar's criminal specialization boards, and I might be going to Houston just for Saturday, as there's a Girls in Gis training day up there. Then the next weekend after, there's the Capital City Salsa Festival, with some international salsa stars doing classes and performances, and the UFC (Lyoto Machida v. Mauricio Rua)... and then Halloween right around the corner :) Busy times, busy times.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend! :)

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