Saturday, October 17, 2009


Shortest post ever maybe. Rolled Friday with Chris, 6'5", who ate me for lunch... with big tall whitebelt, almost armbarred him, then anklelocked him. Then rolled with Phil, my instructor, first time in about a year. Liked it a lot but can't remember much except I felt like a hedgehog (all balled up, all elbows and knees poking out, and hair everywhere like spikes.) And he told me after that he was trying to be creative to catch me in stuff that I don't usually see-- as opposed to the same old triangle/armbar setups. And he said I was a blue belt, which is good.

Today, got tossed on my head during a great fun class (doing the Jordan Pretzel throw and then another spinny kind of wrestling throw that I haven't named yet..) Nausea, headache... probably a mild concussion. Positional sparring SUCKED, completely dominated by Matt, Jonathan, Daniel, Jordan... nearly in tears but why bother... just keep rolling.

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