Monday, October 05, 2009

Thanks Viro!


Steve said...

Me fail English? That's unpossible!

Next lesson should be colons and semicolons. :-)

leslie said...

Those might be too advanced (though I love to play with them -- and em dashes and parentheses, too!); try periods and paragraph breaks.

Or homonyms: your/you're, right/rite, site/sight, our/hour.

And commas. Everyone always needs help with commas.

Steve said...

I will say that I cut people some slack if it looks like they're blogging from a mobile device. I've tried writing quick blogs with my iPhone and... damn. Autocorrect will screw me every time! :D

Georgette said...

All right now, ya'll... I'm not harshing on texts or IMs, or the sorts of things which are typed quickly, like blogs (especially from mobile devices.) I was thinking when I wrote about articles in newspapers that are published online... articles in magazines... etc.

And yes, ya'll is grammatically correct; English being one of the few Romance-based languages without a plural informal you.

leslie said...

Oi. Anything officially published should ought to be stringently proofread. And then read again.

Though I've seen everything I've mentioned in print, too.

And of course "ya'll" is good English. What kind of silly person wouldn't think so?